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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zero-clearance fireplace?
Zero clearance is often synonymously used to describe any factory-built fireplace. It refers to the fact that it can be installed with wooden framing directly against the metal stand-offs on the fireplace's cabinet.

What is the difference between a millivolt ignition vs. electronic ignition system?
Almost all fireplaces are available with a millivolt ignition or an electronic ignition system. With a millivolt ignition system no electricity is required. There will be a standing pilot light when the fireplace is operational. An electronic ignition system requires the presence of 120V for pilot ignition. These units do not utilize standing pilots.

Why does my new fireplace smell hot and produce thin smoke?
This is normal when your fireplace is new and has not been used. The paint needs to be "cured" and the dust that accumulated on top and around the fireplace during construction needs to "burn off". Simply open a window in the room where the fireplace is located and heat your fireplace for approximately four continuous hours. If you still experience problems after you have completed this curing process please call us.

My pilot light went out, how do I re-light it?
First of all, if there is a gas key on the wall near your fireplace, make sure it is turned all the way counter-clockwise to the "on" position. Access the burner control valve that is usually in the space underneath the firebox. There will be a knob on this valve that usually has "Off", "On" and "Pilot" written on it. Gently push in on the knob as you turn it to the "Pilot" position. You will feel the knob recess approximately 1/4" when it is in the correct position. This will allow the gas to flow to the pilot assembly. Continue to hold the knob in, and place a lit gas lighter near the pilot assembly in the firebox, or press the sparker on the valve. When the pilot assembly lights, continue to hold the knob in for approximately 15-30 seconds to allow the thermopile to heat up. When you release the knob, the pilot assembly should stay lit. Turn the knob to the "On" position.

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